Glasses on a date, weird?

Went out with a really cute girl last night and she showed up wearing glasses. I didn't even know she wore glasses. For the record, I've got no problems with glasses and thought she was extremely hot with the glasses.

After I asked her out, I felt kind of bad because I realize I did it in front of a bunch of other people and I think she said yes to be nice. She's known I've liked her for a long time. She didn't cancel the date but we're sort of friends so I don't think she wanted to hurt my feelings. She also might have thought it was a group outing.

My buddy thought it was funny though, like she was trying to suppress my attraction. I know what he's talking about because there's enough posts on this site about girls who fear no one will date them if they wear glasses.

Am I reading too much into this? It is weird though, almost like she was dressing down. She never wears glasses around school, why do so on a date?

Well the bad news is I talked to one of her friends and she thought we were only hanging out as friends.


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  • She may ware contacts around school. One of the contacts could have been ripped and she had to wear glasses. I wear contacts and the lights at night some times brother me so maybe that was the reassion. Try and call her and tell her you had a really good time and thought she was beautiful and ask if she would like to go out again.

    She may also have been trying to see how you would react to the fact that she needs contacts or glasses to see.


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  • I think it might be a good thing that she wore glasses to the date. Most people I know who need glasses are embarrassed by them and choose to wear contacts. Wearing her glasses may be a sign that she's comfortable with you. If you think she looks hot with glasses, mention that she looks nice with them.

  • I think she might have been trying to un-attract you. A better way to go about asking her out would have been to pull her aside. You never want to put pressure on a girl like that. And yes it is kind of weird but I do know of girls that do this. One time my friend almost didn't wear makeup on a date! Until she was convinced by others that that would have been rude.


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  • Well depending on how long ago the date was I'd just tease her playfully about the glasses. Example. Haha girl I didn't know you wore those things?! She may just be like "Oh yeah my contact ripped right before we went out...etc." Or she might tease back which may also be helpful. Also, make sure to tell her you thought it was hot after all the teasing/playful banter just so she knows =D hope it helps.