Why is this girl mad at me, I don't understand?

I picked her up and she seemed to like me. But then I talked to her she ignored me because of some guy I think she is dating. So I decided to just stop talking to her. I have smiled at her and what not, but I don't talk to her regularly at all. But she looks like she is mad at me, even when I have tried to talk to her. What is going on?.

Like I said I have been trying to talk to her, but she never looks at me, says whatever she has to say and then leaves.


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  • Maybe she has feelings for you and doesn't want to show it. Or maybe it's because you kinda stopped talking to her. But you know way move on don't worry there are more girls out there


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  • I had this happen to me recently...who knows what her problem is! it may have nothing to do with you or she blew something you did waaaay out of proportion. just ask her what you did wrong and if she gives you a lame answer...move on...she is probably high maintenance.