Why Won't Girls Smarten Up and Peep Game?

Ladies.. How many times do you have to get played in order for you to understand that not every man that approaches you is with good intentions or not ever man that approaches you is with bad intentions. Its just a lottery. So better safe than sorry, STUDY THESE DUDES. Don't be Open from the JUMP. Study them. This doesn't mean be mean to them, mistrust them when you haven't been given a reason to or be a plain b*tch but don't be so naive and believe every nice word you hear. Just fall back and observe him. His friends. His family. DAMN. Y'all are so open from the jump and you leave the guy no room to perform ( therefore feel mannish and I'm not talking about sex.) and you don't give the man ANY sweet challenge which is to men is what musical chairs is to kids. Smarten up, stop being naive, learn from your old heartbreaks and observe before getting open. Men do you agree with me?

  • Yes men do love challenges that aren't obnoxious and pointless
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  • Men would rather have her open as soon and wide as possible
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  • yeah I study women I'm with and I have a lot of deal breakers

    • Good for you

    • people on this site think I'm an asshole for this but I think you have to judge a person on their actions and not their words

    • that is actually a very true statement. Words have proven me to be mostly wrong in life so I rather trust the actions cause they rarely fail me.


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  • Fuck ya, I'd much rather there be a woman who's open in terms of what she wants, but not going to give up everything right away. Don't give up sex in the first few dates, don't give up your freedom, don't give up anything (well you shouldn't have to give up freedom even in a good relationship). And ffs, learn from your past. I'm sick of EVERYONE (guys and girls) never learning from their past. LEARN! Don't go after the same type of guys/girls. Don't go to the same places that sh*t happened at, etc. Stop being so foolish.

  • Honestly not really. My girlfriend gave me no challenge whatsoever. And that's good. I liked that. Everything just fell into place freely and problem-free. If there was friction of any kind in the beginning I likely wouldn't have bothered because really, to me it's all just drama and I don't have the patience for wasting time on someone who is incompatible. Logically, the process would go just as smoothly and effortlessly as it did for me and my girlfriend if the two were truly compatible.

  • Wise advice


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree. Girls who are wide open with no challenges seem to always be getting played and disrespected. You can't be desperate because you never know who you're really dealing with until you get to know him, and even then how much do you REALLY know someone