Two great dates and then....?

a month ago I added a guy on facebook (he is a friend of my friend) because he seemed cute. I sent him a message and, to be honest, I didn't expect he will answer but he did. we were sending messages via facebook to each other and chatting via MSN couple of times and since we live in the same city I suggested we should hang out sometimes and he accepted my offer gladly. we met two times, talked about everything, hang out for 4-5 hours without that uncomfortable silence. he seemed interested since he remembered things I told him, he was leaning forward, he told many jokes and asked about my life, he offered to escort me home and he even noticed I moved my ring from one finger to another :D after he escorted me we had a cheek-kiss and said goodbye. after three days I sent him a message "what's up ^^" and we exchanged 2-3 messages via mobile phone and that was 7 days ago. since then I haven't heard from him and I don't know what's the problem. he's student and in this part of the year he has many things to do (so do I and I understand that), so at first I thought that was the reason but now I'm starting to think about the ugliest sentence in the world "he's just not that into you". I don't know should I contact him again (although I don't want to be boring) and ask him what's going on. if anyone has any advice I'll be glad to hear. thanks :D


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  • First, if you do manage to go on another date, be sure to makeout with him to set the standard for future meetings together, and so he'll really get the point that you like him. So if he gives you a cheek kiss, just grab him, ask him "is that it?" while pouting and then stare at his lips while raising your chin so that he knows you are offering your lips as well. That'll do the trick.

    In the meantime, do you have his phone number? Call him a few times but don't leave messages, until you manage to reach him. Leave a message only as a last resort, but leave only 1.

    Then just tell him, hey, I wanna meet you! And once you meet him, be very physically flirty, like holding his arm while you walk, giving him a big hug when you meet up and maybe a kiss on the lips. So just in case he isn't good at knowing that a girl likes him, or if he is really shy... he will get the picture and confidence to go further with you then.

    • yep, I have his number and I'll try to call him and be flirty on the next date. thanks for help (:


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  • Sugest something ... going out or something. And watch the reaction ... If he says no ... then he's not that into you. If he sugest other time ... he might be just busy.


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  • well I d say try contacting him again. offer to hangout and then go from there. see what happens. he could be spooked or not sure of what he wants. so I say just ask him out again see what his response is feel the situation out. I'm sure he ll be honest either way. hope that helps!

    • well I've got nothing to lose, so I'll try calling him. thanks for advice (: