Woman nearing thirty and parties a lot: Turn on or turn off?

If a woman is almost 30 and is still partying like she's 21 and works just enough to get by is this turn off? Also if she dates a lot of younger men but not older men or men her age would you think she was immature?


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  • Turn off: yes

    Immature: still partying at 30, yes

    • ok well she's turning 29 actually but its close to 30...


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  • It would be a turnoff to any guy who's actually looking for a committed relationship. Yes it does make you seem immature.

    • its not me its someone else...

  • It wouldn't turn me off and if I'm just looking to have some fun I might be interested in a woman like that but I wouldn't get into a serious relationship with her, doesn't sound like she's looking for that anyway.

  • I'm not sure I'd say it's immature but not having a stable career at 30 is a turn off. you should have your life a little more together by that age and not working at crappy jobs that don't pay well.

    • its not me its someone else...but she's 29 and still goes a lot and doesn't have a career and acts innappropiate...I just wanted to know if that would turn off guys...if I were a guy it would def turn me off!

    • oh I'ts not you. oh OK sure it's not. wink wink ;)

    • believe whatever you want...

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