What do guys think of a 28 year old girl with no dating experience?

Never been out on a date before never kissed a guy before still a virign . I am quite a shy person due to getting badly bullied for almost 10 years. I would like to try to date now that I starting to get back a little bit of my confidence back again , but I don't know how or where to start .


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  • Your experience or lack of with men shouldnt be an issue and your new guy probably wouldn't bring it up anyway.

    If you are that embarrased about it, tell a little lie. If he ask if you even been in a relationship just say "yea, but it didn't work out. I met him when I was 18, we where going to get married when we where about 24 and he cheated on me. So I dumped him" now it looks like you been out of the dating scene for 4 years because your last guy really hurt you. there is no way he is going to push the issue and he will move on.

    then you are in the clear. That is, if you don mind fibbing a little bit. he wil never know the difference, beleive me.

    Not trying to be funny but, if you met a guy and it turned into a relationship where you are having sex with that person and you ar worried about being "good" don't worry about it.

    Just tel him, "WOW, I didn't know it could be this good" he will think he is rocking your world and he is a better lover than your last guy. He will never question your inexperience after that.

    Lie a little to ease the embarrasment you might be feeling.

    hope you catch on to what I am saying.


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  • As a guy , I don't care if you have no dating experience; the girls that I have met that don't have dating experience, tend to have a very strong personality and I find that appealing. And if you never kissed and you're still a virgin, the only person that knows that is you. So don't think that's a bad thing at all. Again, if I were to meet a 28 year old girl that was a virgin, is like winning the lottery.

    My advice to you is to be careful and don't fall for the players, cause if they smell your inexperience, they will be glad to be the ones to take it away from you and not in a nice way.

    And as far as dating---do you do any social activities? Ever tried online dating? Just don't go to a bar and hope to get a date there :D

  • That's actually pretty cool. It shows that you have tons of self restraint and that you make choices very carefully. Turn on.

    Now that you're starting to shake the shyness bit, and looking for someone, try to make some new friends. Maybe take a class or two in university. Perhaps you could meet somebody there who's interested in better-ing their life. Maybe the local gym as well?

    Good luck.

  • Being a virgin is evidence that you have high priorities in life, and that you aren't wanting to ruin your future relationships over past foolishness. I would suggest that you find a good social environment to meet new people, preferably an environment where they respect virgin young ladies and aren't trying to take advantage of you. If you are really interested in dating a loving incredible young man, look for a place that you might find one. Churches can sometimes be a good place, but be careful. Many churches have types of sexual assaults within and you must be cautious. A local gym might be a place to meet sharp young men your age, or a university or college might be worthy of your investment. To start off your dating relationship with someone, you must both like some of the same things, so you might start off by taking college classes on topics you like or entering neighborhood activities you enjoy. To find the right one for you, you must do things you like to do.

  • sexwiseman pretty much said it but I'd just add in my opinion as well. I don't really care about dating experience, or a 28 year old chick being a virgin. All I am concerned with is a good personality and a person I can click with.

  • its okay but don't show that to any guy unless you're about that he's not a player , don't try the bar secene or clubs , the online thing can be tricky also ,so just be careful and I wish you good luck .


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