Professor/Student Dating

Last semester I had a professor at an university that I was attracted to. I added him on Facebook and he accepted the request after the semester was over. These past two weeks we have been communicating via Facebook messages, texting, and phone calls. My former professor confessed he was also attracted to me but we would not be able to have a relationship until I graduated due to school ethics. I can understand that. The thing is we met up for lunch on the weekend and as far as I was concerned, it was enjoyable. I texted him right afterward to say that I had a wonderful time and we should do it again. He agreed. It has been over 2 days and I have not heard from him since. Am I just overreacting? Just so you know, he is 45 and I am 30. We are also of different ethnic background.


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  • I'm a little confused about whether the semester is over. If it is, and he's your former professor, that aspect is probably no longer a factor, but it may be making him ambivalent in any case. In general, when dating, guys sometimes aren't aware of how important it is to keep you aware of his interest. He may be busy, happily planning to contacting you when he next wants to see you.


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  • Relax, let him text you first. If you do not hear from him in a week, then you know it is time to move on. Let him come to you. =]