How to stop her playing with me?

she flirts with me she even gave me her number but I text one time and she didn't reply and every time I see her she smiles flirty what should io do keep flirting or just look at her like she doesn't exist thanks


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  • I would just ignore her because I know it will drive her crazy that if she really like you. Weird she didn't answer your text but I bet she wants you to text her that's why she is flirting with you.


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  • Maybe she didn't get your text. If I'm on "roaming" I never get texts or missed calls. Are you sure she got it?

    • i know she got the message because the next time I saw her she act diferently but just that time anytime she sees me she keep the flirt

What Guys Said 1

  • Play the game better than she does and you're set.

    To get a girls attention you and to push and pull. One day talk to her like a normal person. The next day do a little flirting. The following day pretend she's nothing special and keep communication minimal.

    Don't think it will work? She is doing to you and it's got you thinking overtime.