How can I get over my ex?

OK so I dated this Guy about 3 months he meant everything to me then we did it ... and a week later he broke up with me then we went back out a few days later for like 3 days and broke up with me again because he didn't feel the same about me anymore? Now he dates his ex and they have been dating about 3 months and I get so jealous when I see them together, I hate this feeling even know he hurt me


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  • Having your heart broken is probably one of the worst feelings. But you have to realize that it is a part of life and everyone goes through it at some point or another. You will have more break ups and you will even break hearts. Soon enough you will meet some one new, and you will look back at this and laugh (trust me I know). You have to accept that people come and go in your life, especially at this age. You just need to hold your head up and learn from your experiences and encounters. You can't truly appreciate the good in life without experiencing the bad.

    It's also really important that you eliminate you bias opinion and see the situation for what it is. He was obviously never completely over his ex, and you can't begrudge either of them for feeling how they feel.. you must realize that the break up probably had nothing to do with you.. you didn't do anything wrong. If anything, it was really wrong for him to start a relationship with you if he had any intention of getting back with her. And I'm sorry that you had to be put through that.

    You will get through this I promise and you will learn from it and hopefully apply it to your next relationship. My best advice for you is to accept that it is over and work on building a better relationship with yourself. You can't always count on other people to make you happy. (I know that's easier said then done, I'm still working on it myself) It will all get better with time.

    • Thanks soooooooooo much! This really helped me and it is best to let him go and move on, he was a mistake. Thanks again girl :)

    • Good luck, just take it day by day.. it will get easier. You are a very pretty girl and you seem really sweet. I'm sure it won't be too long before you meet someone new, you just have to put yourself out there a little.

    • Aww thanks :)


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  • Well.. sound like to me you was his rebound.. he was going though the motions..And he probably used you to get over his ex.. but it didn't work, All I can tell you to do is move on, I know its hard but I don't see him coming back. I just be alone to get my self together for SOMEONE WHO REALLY DO LOVE you. I know its hard but, try to avoid seeing him and his girl.

    • Well he had went with this other girl before me and they had sex and broke up so now he's dating his ex before her and they have had an on and off relationship since 6th grade, I just guess he used me?

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    • Thanksss :)



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  • Just ignore him. Let him go, if he comes back-he is yours, if not, he was never been yours. Dedicate time to yourself, do something which you wanted to do before but never did not. Join different clubs, go shopping and etc. Enjoy your freedom