Guys, How long do you wait to text/call a girl after you get her number?

I'm not looking for the "right" answer. I'm wondering what YOU would do?

Think about a real met a very pretty girl and you want her number and possibly even take her out. She gives it to you. Now its your move. When do you text/call her?


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  • Really, girls just hands black men their number? That is news to me.

    • thats not funny...

    • it really isn't. like I don't even know if this was supposed to be a joke


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  • I get her number after we're already friends to some extent. I'll text her immediately so she has my number, then the next evening (sometimes the day after next) I text to try to strike up a conversation with her.

  • I text that day within a hour or two... If she really is a pretty girl she has lots of guys around and you don't want to wait too long and have to explain "yea I'm the guy you met a couple days ago". I usually text "stop thinking about me and get back to work =)". I've had much better luck texting sooner rather than later.


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