Should I call him after the second date?

OK, I finally met this guy on a dating website after he kept emailing me. I have to admit, I wasn't very interested at first but he was persistent, and I gave in since he seemed so interested. We agreed to meet up for a quick bite to eat. I went, not really having high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised when I met him in person. He's a really cool guy, and much more attractive in person. After the first few initial awkward minutes, I felt much more comfortable with him, and there was definitely some chemistry between us. The date was going so well, that we ended up going to a nearby bar for some drinks and to hang out. By the end of the evening, I realized I really liked this guy and would definitely like to see him again. He walked me to my car and asked me if I would like to hang out with him again. Of course I said yes. Later that same night he texted me asking me what my full name was and that he would talk to me soon.

After waiting anxiously to hear from him again, he finally contacted me 4 days later to set up a time to hang out again. We decided to meet up the following evening. We ate a quick dinner and decided to go see a comedy show. I had a great time, and it seemed like he did too. We hung out some more after, and we went to his car to hang out before he took me to my car. He ended up kissing me, and we made out for a while. We talked some more, and made out again before it was time for me to go. We both said we had a nice time and we went our own way. Later that night, I received a text asking me if I got home OK, and telling me good night. I said, "Thanks. I had fun tonight. Night!"

It's been 3 days since our last date, and I haven't heard from him. I'm wondering if I should initiate communication now since he's been the one doing it, or should I continue waiting some more until I know for sure that he likes me. I really like this guy and would like to hang out with him and get to know him some more, but I don't know what to do, or if he's still interested.


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  • Call him now and set up the next date.


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  • Yes, I think it's safe for you to initiate the next date! The two dates you had already sounded perfect, and from what you told in your post, he must be into you. You're both unsure of one another it seems. But just go for it, and you'll find out, life's too short to wait :) Good luck!