What does everyone think about dating a co-worker?

I have always thought that was a bad idea, but what if you date a co-worker and you find out it is your soulmate? I mean I haven't had the experience but I was thinking because I have always followed my rule. I just now thought of it and wondered what everyone thought.

Just to clear this up, I am not dating a co-worker, I am not intending to because knowing my gut feeling it could be bad if it happened and it ended. I just wanted to know what your opinions are, and if you have had experience in that area.
The thought just came to my mind if you did find someone you did like and he/she was co-worker and you guys were soulmates, I just wondered what you guys thought on that situation.


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  • Hmm...Despite working in a job setting, it still bring on the whole high school dating scenario suppose you guys break up (if a relationship take place) you are going to see him everyday and its not going to sit well with you. Best of luck!


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  • depends on how mature you are flexible. because a work setting is meant to be professional, you really need to know the grounds for dating a guy there if you can find out as much as you can about him, do it. I don't feel it should be bad but sometimes can because drama. it really boils down to how you can deal with drama

  • I started working part time at my current job (just over the summer when I'm not at uni) and a few days after I started this gorgeous guy started talking to me and we got on really well. I wasn't looking for a relationship.

    Anyway, the guy's been my boyfriend for two months now and we're in love. Everyone at work knows we're together, but we're mature and professional so it's no sweat :) I know I'm biased, but I think it shouldn't matter. If it's going to end, I'm not going to mope around until it does, I'll enjoy it and deal with that if it happens.

  • No. Don't do it. You can think of the good side to talk yourself into it if you like but most people end up in bad situations because they don't think of the consequences. If its meant to be then it will happen without either of you making any effort or when one of you is no longer working there. Men survive office scandals women dont.