Did she have a date?

I'm taking someone out tomorrow night for Valentine's Day. I've been out with her about 9 times...but 4 of them were months ago and 5 were over the last 2 months. I am VERY interested...I'll I have ever done with her physically is a makeout (a few times and not for too long).

I text her earlier tonight...and she text me back...she had been to a movie, and said it was hysterical, it was "Just Go With IT".

I googled it...it's probably the biggest Valentine's Day romantic comedy of 2011. She went there the night before Valentine's Day...I am guessing that she had a date...that totally sucks, but she has every right to do so. I would LOVE to have a committed relationship with her, but that is not that case...at least not now.

I was just wondering if everyone pretty much confirms that she was on a date or is it me just being overly worried?


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  • I agree with the other comments. I go to movies like this with friends too, and horror movies I go with guys :-) and comedy I go with both guys and girls. But anyway I think she was just having a girl girl day. A girl would NOT have one date right after, its just not really what girls do unless its like the very very beginning of the relationship. So I am sure it was not a date. Good Luck!

    • Thanks for your comments. I like reading the girl's comments better than the guys because you're making me feel much better.

      Although I've known her for a while...we've only been out about 10-12 times (I just got back from Valentine's dinner...which went GREAT)! So I don't know what point we're at right now...but I think it's going well.

    • Well when a girl goes out with a guy on Valentine's day for dinner it usually means the relationship is going really well, and that you both consider the other person to be very special.


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  • I agree with annabee123. Many girls like to go to those movies just because. They are fun to watch whether you are there with friends, by yourself, or on a date. Also most girls wouldn't agree to go on a date with one guy then go on a date with a different guy the day before or after.

    • Wow Thomson...I've got to say...you and Annabee are really making me feel better. Thank you for your womanly wisdom :). I feel volunerable with her because I really want it to work. I am taking the "build a friendship rather than jump into the sack" approach. New Year's was a big test for things though " first kiss" and it happened. If Valentine's Day goes well...I am thinking about inviting her on a vacation, but I don't want to be pushy in anyway or make her feel pressure.

  • You're being overly worried. I go see romantic comedies/romances with my girlfriends all the time. I highly doubt she would agree to go on a date with you for Valentine's Day, and then tell you about the date she had the night before.

    • AnnaBee, your answer is VERY nice to hear! Particularly coming from a woman's perspective. I am glad that you answered. I was totally sure it was a date...o I started to already think of things like - she text me immediately after the date, she's with me on Valentine's Day, etc etc...but all the while I was feeling sick inside. Your comment makes me feel 100x better.

      I am the sort of guy who falls in love too quickly. This is a SUPER woman and I'm trying to take it slow and build a friendship

  • Girls usually don't see romantic comedies with guys. I'm guessing she saw it with one or more of her female friends as a sort of "chick night" deal. Unless she's extremely rude (which I don't think is the case), I don't think she'd tell you about a date she had with another guy the day before going out with you.

    • Thanks for your comment :). I saw another romantic comedy (No Strings Attached) with her just two weeks ago...but I don't think she is rude...at least, she certainly never comes across that way in the slightest.

      Tongiht (Valentine's Day) went extrememly well...I think. Again, I just kissed her at the end of the night...a nice kiss, but not too hot and heavy. I think it went well...I'm optimistic.

  • I just went and saw this with two other girls, friends of mine. So its not a confirmation she's seeing someone else just because she saw the movie.

    • That's true...I think my reading a lot of the girl's comments here is making me feel a little better about things.

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  • Don't worry about it. Even if she was with a date, it doesn't matter.

    You wanna know why? Because you have the opportunity to take another girl along to this movie if that's what you wanted to do with this #1 girl of yours. Just find another girl, claim her as #2, and take her with you to see it.

    If she has options, relax. YOU have options too :D

    You can get back to this #1 chick and go see a different movie with her, since comedies come out one after another.

    Or, as the other girls have suggested, she probably went to go see it with other girls. So don't fret about it.

    • Thanks Phoenix. I know...I need to date other women if for no other reason just to keep my head screwed on straight. I don't want to get too into things in case she has a change or heart and then I'll feel depressed. I really want to be exclusive with her...but I have a long and bad history of falling too fast and too hard and I'd like to avoid that trap. It's probably what sagatages many relationships.

  • jDon't be impatient good grief, at this age you shouldn't be exclusive...

    • Thanks Marty. I was just commenting above to Pheonix...I am really trying to relax. At 40, I'd love to be in a relationship. I just need to relax and let things play out...without pushing too hard.

    • Right! Relax. Nothing worse than looking desperate or controlling for most women.