Dating someone that is double your age?

i am 31 and have been working with a man that is double my age for the past 2 years. it has gotten to the point where I am finding it hard to have a reason not to date him. he makes me laugh and we have great conversations.

the age difference is the only thing that concerns me as I would love to have children one day and I would love to have someone that is solid in my life and would take great care of me and visa versa.

is it shallow to have the "life expectancy" issue in the back of my mind and to be a little hesitant?


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  • Hi!

    I am in your shoes right now. I am 26 and he is 51. At first I did think much about that but the fact is that you don't know what will happen so just be happy and live everyday of your life with your open heart. I know it sounds poetic but it is really true.

    About your situation I guess he is about 60 now right? A little bit old for settle down and having kids. Did you discuss with him before whether he wants more kid or not. Man reach the age of 50 normally don't want to have kid anymore, how is your bf?


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  • There's a big difference between dating and settling down with someone.

    If you like the guy, see if he'd be up for a short term relationship, nothing long term, and enjoy yourself.


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  • not at all. it's definitely a valid concern. Personally, I wouldn't want someone that much older than me