He stopped texting and calling me and I am completely lost and confused as to why. Please Help!

OK so I me this guy like a month ago and we were really hitting off so I thought. We would talk on the phone all night and text all day at first. He told me he loved me. Asked me to move in with him and we even introduced our kids to each other. But then we had a pregnancy scare and he started acting funny. We had a trip planned to Las Vegas but then the Tuesday before we were suppose to leave he canceled and said he had to go else where. (I paid for the trip) He was texting less and less and then on Valentine's day I did not get a call a text or anything. Since then he has stopped calling and texting all together. If I call or text him he does not answer. Am I to assume the relationship is over and he was just to afraid to tell me?

Just and update... So we talked yesterday and now we are back together!


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  • sounds like the pregnancy scare scared him into reality. and he realized that maybe he doesn't want anything that deep with you