I call... no answer... I call no answer... I text...

I'm a little annoyed asking for an advice in this situation...

So my boyfriend goes skiing with his buddies the other day... I call him at night and he never called me back... So I think okay... not bothered at all, then I call him the next day just to see maybe something happened to him? No answer... So I texted him asking him if the avalanche swallowed him whole. He responds yes it did and the trip was super. I'm trying to be logical... Maybe I'm just projecting how I would react if I were him. He is amazing, but so annoying to deal with on the phone... Am I not getting something here? Could I be tripping? Talk to me :)


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  • if he's away then he's probably just chilling with friends or doing something that makes him forget about his phone.. like when you're busy sometimes you really can't take the time to really make a phone call. I think you're just over thinking things. sometimes boys don't get it, but don't stress too much. he was just having fun with his boys. you gotta let him hang with his friends sometimes without you constantly being a presence.


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  • give him a break . if his with his friends leave him alone and give him space. trust me in my first relationship my boyfriend went on a trip and I would call him, text him and he got annoyed and we ended up breaking up. relax and enjoy the time away from each other. hang out with your friends and just ignore him until his the one that calls you or contacts you.

  • he's on vacation. leave him alone