Advice on dating a shy girl?

I need help. This is the same girl from my previous question. It's been about a week since she's known that I like her. I don't know if she's giving signs, since honestly, I don't really read signs well. She's just really a shy girl. I hope I haven't creeped her out. How should I approach her and at least starting talking to her?

What sort of signs do shy girls give off if they like you?

She knows that I really like her, a lot.


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  • Start it out by just helping her out if she ever needs it. Nothing too big just little things. Just try to be her friend first with no signs that you like her and then after she's comfortable and trusts you, you can maybe start becoming more than friends.


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  • Talk about something else but not love. She will come out of her shell. Make little but constant body touches, such as invuluntary gestures, and at an appropriate time, clasp one of her palms in both of yours tightly, and with a sudden change of topic and expression, coupled with direct eye contact, declare your love for her without mincing words.