Just started the "dating game"....already sick of it. How can I be more successful?

Over the past 5-6 months, I started trying to go after girls. I've had 3 girls interested in me over this period, but nothing ever happened. Basically what it came down to was, these are their words, I "didn't ask them out soon enough." Now, I am very inexperienced with girls/dating but I feel like I'm expected to do all the work. I think it's also because I'm scared to take that first step and put myself out there. All these girls were "experienced" as well, so they obviously have some type of expectation as to how things should proceed, and if it doesn't proceed that way they don't respond.

I also get the feeling that everything is about sex. Sure, I'd like that at some point, but up until now I've been used to just being friends with girls, and if it turned into something more down the road, then great. The whole idea of talking to a girl, taking her out, hanging out, etc... on a purely romantic level makes me very uneasy. I've always only had the expectation of being friends with a girl, they've never seemed to be interested in me (until recently) and I don't really know how to handle it. Any advice? What can I do to be more successful with girls?


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  • I feel the same way, I think you should try talking to shy girls.


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  • Before I answer, may I ask how you are.. It's important.

    • assuming you meant "how old are you". 22

    • Yes I did mean how old are you lol? My bad.. Well the problem with girls is they got bored. If you;re only flirting with them, but not doing anything about it, like hugging or kissing or anything, theyre going to feel either that you don't like them and go elsewhere for someone who does give them that sort of affection or just get bored.

      If a girl is into you, she loves being held (hugged or whatever) ..

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  • Baby steps, my friend. It takes time to get comfortable with something you've never had/experienced before. Don't feel like you have to rush it--just take your time. Many modern girls DO expect you to make moves if you're interested, and as your experience has borne out, you'll lose them if you don't go for it--so it's worth it to practice, even if you get nervous the first few times. On the other hand, there are some nice girls out there who are willing to wait and explore the relationship. Keep at it and keep your head up.

    Best of luck.