Where should I take a shy girl for second date?

I'm seeing this very shy girl and its really hard for me to get her out of her shell and talk more. Where should I take her for our second date to make her more comfortable and try and get her out of her shell? Something fun and memorable yet won't put much pressure on her cus I know she is shy...


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  • sometimes getting people moving will open them up, try bowling.


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  • Ok, obviously I do not know where you live so don't know what is going on there. So in general try and find something that neither of you have done before, or at least that you haven't done. If you pick something that you are already good at then you risk making her look daft. We have a local spanish club who do hour long salsa classes before the night kicks off. My now wife and I went there early in our relationship. I knew she went to dance classes until her late teens but had never done this, I on the other hand have 3 left feet. She really enjoyed it, and we had great fun laughing at me.

    Once the class is over you would have something to talk about and if your girl is better than you then you can get her to help you, which should make her feel good and more relaxed. Hopefully this would then snowball into general conversation.