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For women and men; From experience, how have some dates that looked promising in the beginning (they may seem nice/ attractive/ getting along, whatever) end up in a downward spiral where the date ends on short notice and someone leaves? What subjects/ topics or actions caused this and why?

What I'm looking for here are examples, this could even be applied to "being in the doghouse in the relationship." Or something like "everything was going fine until he/she found out I was employed as ___ (occupation goes in the blank)."


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  • I had a date once with a guy who I thought had potential. But when he came to pick me up, I let him into my apartment while I finished getting ready. When I came out, he was reading my journal! He made a comment, "you like to write poetry? Me too." (Those weren't poems, by the way, they were soon-to-be-award-winning song least, that's what I'd been hoping!) Anybody that invades my privacy in less than 10 minutes is out the door in 11 minutes.

    • Thank you, I guess I'm really trying to establish how we can interpret others and be way off, and the consequences that follow.


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  • I always introduce my date to my dog. I know it's a little like "Something About Mary" but my dog can recognize good character. If she doesn't like him, I don't like him.

  • It apparently means they don't have much in common or they figure out that they really don't like each other.

  • I was on a date with my boyfriend and we were at a strip club. I thought I was being a super cool girlfriend when I pointed at one of the strippers and whispered to him, "If we ever have a threesome, that's the kind of girl I'd want." Instead of getting excited, he blew up in my face. Called me a whore, slut, you name it. I was so hurt, so confused.

    The next day, after he'd sobered up, he claimed it was the Vodka and Red Bull that he was drinking. One of his friends confirmed that whenever he drinks those two things combined, he turns into a complete asshole.


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