Why hasn't he kissed me?

I've gone on about 6 dates with this guy and he still hasn't kissed me. He opens the car door for me, pays for me and has even told his friends about me...so obviously this is more than a friend thing. He has even mentioned his friends asking him if he's kissed me. I just don't understand why he hasn't gone in for the big kiss.

Any advice on why?


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  • Awww it sounds like he might be a little nervous. I have no doubt that he likes you! Maybe he is just trying to do everything the right way, and he doesn't want to make you feel pressured. Maybe you should go in for the big one, and show him how appreciative you are of all the things he's done for you and to show him that you really like him!


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  • do you brush your teeth? maybe try some floss and mouth wash or gum.

  • maybe he doesn't kno that you want it?


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  • Maybe he is a shy kinda guy. THAT or he is a very conservative man who wants a serious relationship. Don't talk about it to him. Things unravel on their own :)

    • not to be rude, I'm honestly asking... why would you ever give someone advice to NOT communicate with someone when theyre confused or have some sort of mild problem with them?

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    • lol I like your attitude, I'm gonna try it I think. il just go around giving the worst most harmfull advice I can and when people comment on it al be all.. ya its OK its just my advice is all /smile ha ha good times ahead I think =)

    • LOL, well I sound pathetic now. I suppose I could of given worse advice. You are being sarcastic right? haha.