Should I date my best friend?

OK so last night I spent the night with my best friend who is a guy. we didn't do anything like kiss or anything but we held hand as we slept and he put his arm around me. We were a little tipsy but other that we have been flirting for months. Others have also noticed the sexual tension and have often commented on it. Our relationship as friends is really close and we have been best friends for about a year now. He is always giving my a friendly punch on the arm or tickling my feet when we watch movies and such. what do you think I should do as one of his friends is my ex who I only just broke up with a month ago. I don't know what to do, I need any advice on anything... do I ask him out, or should I just see what happens.

Just a update for you all incase you wanted to know what happened...i decided that our friendship was more important so nothing happened...he now has a girlfriend who is three years younger than him..i guess I'm not his type...oh well


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  • if you like him, you strike while the irons hot. don't let that natural wave goto waste

    however, having been the "ex" in a similar case, I'd say it's a judgement call. You have to be COMPLETELY cool with potentially severing a friendship. Especially since yall are so young. People at that age only see hurt rather than lessons learned.

    Best of luck. Been in a few of those myself and it IS a positive sign. Especially if he initiated the contact, holding hands, or whatever.

    • btw, I totally commend you for even thinking about taking initiative to ask him out. don't be one of those girls that's afraid to ask a guy out...or else you'll end up psyching yourself out with a LOT of guys


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  • You are young. No matter what everyone else is doing you shouldn't be thinking about sex. Concentrate on plans for your future. Like a career path. With that said. Friends should be held dearly. Is this a friendship you don't want to loose? How close is this guy to his friend you went out with? Are you being played? If you've had sex with this other guy then you may just be getting targeted because you have sex. Don't get labeled as easy. If you didn't have sex then you might just be the trophy for who ever gets you to do it. Becoming an adult is not easy. Having kids is even harder. Especially when it's an accident. My high school girlfriend and I were better friends than we were a couple. Unfortunately we wound up having a kid together. I say that because that's when we couldn't be likes friends anymore. Reasons aren't necessary. Let's just say it was and or is a one sided argument as far as that goes. In any case good luck. Hope you make a good decision. Pretty much what it comes down to. Good and bad not right or wrong. Take care!

  • no offense.. but you're too easy. they're probably having a good laugh right now.

    • don't make it on to the national news for getting bullied. I warned ya

  • take another step forward with the flirting next time you're with him


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  • stupidly by best friend and I went out to see what it would be like.. failed misserably.. but everyones different, just see what happends

    • were you able to keep the friendship afterwards?

    • well he started fighting with me and accusing me of sh*t after I broke up with him, because he didn't want me to.. and then he was crying saying "wtf have I done, blah blah blah" and he wrote me a very cute letter saying sory.. and I told him I just want abit of space for now. but I definitely know we will be friends again. it just depends on how long you go out for and how comited you are to staying friends