What would you do if you received this text from your ex-boyfriend?

Let's say you did everything you could to make the relationship work because you cared deeply for the other person. However, they treated you poorly by neglecting you every weekend, forgetting about dates, and blowing off phone calls. And in the end, they end up coldly breaking up with you for "getting ticked off at stupid things"...which simply means that you got upset and stuck up for yourself whenever they would blow you off.

Then, a week after the break up, they send you this text:

"Hey listen, can we still talk? Not hearing from you is killing me. I'm sorry for how things ended up. I kind of have a lot going on, I'd like to still talk to you. I do miss you, and I think we should stay close because this seems too painful."

Now he keeps staring right at me in class...I can see out of the corner of my eye. I refuse to talk to him or even look at him. I've been trying to avoid him as much as possible. Basically, it feels like we're back to square one...and not in a good way.

What does all this mean, and what should I do?


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  • He seems very immature and selfish. Rather than reasoning with you over why he neglected you rather than ending it he would've been able to communicate his problems or whatever.

    Tell him to sort out his problems first before you can even consider a friendship.

    It doesn't seem like he even knows what a friendship nor a relationship is.. unless it's convenient for him.


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  • Don't take him back. He treated you horribly. He would have to undergo a hugely significant change to justify taking him back, and there is no way he could have done that in a week. Keep doing what you are doing. Cut the contact. Maybe down the road after you have both healed from the break-up, you will be able to be friends. But not yet. Right now he is just searching for something to ease the pain of losing you. If you went back to him now or started talking to him now, it would just start the cycle all over again. It's too soon to even be friends. If you want to be nice, you can tell him that and hope he understands. I don't think he will, but you can try. Even if he doesn't understand, who cares? You are doing the right thing for you, and that's what matters. He is the one who messed up the relationship. You have nothing to apologize for and owe him nothing. Hopefully he has learned something and will treat the next girl better. And good for you for not putting up with it! Nicely done.

  • I think I've seen this question before.

  • He should have tried harder than a text if he wants to continue some sort of relationship with you How does he even know you received the text, or read it if you were upset. It seems he would call or try again if he broke up with you? Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants and that he does care about you. I guess if you like him tell him to figure things out and then maybe you'll talk to him.