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OK I am interested in 2 girls. I think I have an equal chance to go out with either of them. These 2 girls are in the same class as me and they're friends. One of the girls is 2 years younger than me but she really fine she is toned and fit. The other girl is a year older than me and she has very nice curves but she is still fit.I have mixed feelings about which one I like more. Also, I gave physical description because I wanted to show that they are both attractive.

Thanks for your answers, they make me think deeper.


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  • What about personality wise? Also, you aren't going to come between their friendship, right? Do these girls openly flirt with you in front of eachother?


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  • have a threesome since your young and you mention their physical attributes. if not the girl you care for the most and share some type of connection (mentally) more than the other then should be your answer. hope this helps. good luck.

  • I know you like 2 but you should go out with one for now. See how that works if not, then try talking to the other later on or find someone else to talk to.


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