Is it possible to go from dating to just friends?

I was dating this girl for a while but now where friends I feel like we have taken a step backwards is it possible for this to happen?


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  • yes of course. dating doesn't work out always. some people make great friends but they don't have the chemistry


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  • Yes it can happen, but why do you think it has gone backwards? Please be more detailed!

    • Well I feel like the dating part has been put on hold because she is not able to date or have a Boyfriend right now because she works and goes to school full time there just not time for her so I feel that since she has been back in school where no longer dating but friends for the time being.

    • So after some time thinking, yes you can be friends but it will be akward. Just try keeping it alive fun and flirty not just friends talk as if you were meeting again and then be able to esrn trust if you haven't already and to be friends talk about things that are important to yoy or things thay have happened in your day. That will work just make it seem as there isn't a problem.

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  • Yup. Been there done that. It means you have been found inadequate, but you are still worthwhile to keep around to pass time with or if it's an FWB relationship then she still likes you physically.

    You have lost. So have I.