Guys: If you found out that girl you like has never kissed would it be a turn off?

If a girl you are attracted to but don't necessarily know well told you she has never kissed anybody how would you feel? Would it be a turn off? Would you think something like: "Well, there's gotta be something REAL wrong with her that I don't know yet (and don't wanna find out either)"?

Or would it be a positive thing? Like it'd even make you feel like kissing her yourself?

And let's say the girl is 18


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  • a few situations

    I could feel obliged to be a real good first kiss

    I could be worried that she might think it is more important than me and gt clingy

    if neither of these were an issue and I liked her it wouldn't bother me at all if she was inexperienced. I would not be worried about something being wrong with the girl. some girls kiss better very early on than girls who have had a lot of practice.

  • Honestly I haven't kissed a girl so I wouldn't really have a problem with it. In fact, it'd give me a little more courage to kiss her because I wouldn't be as worried about "messing up" and it would be kind of special.

    Put it this way: If a guy is interested in a girl enough already to want to kiss her - the LAST thing you think about when you find out about this is "whats wrong with her." That's not only a mean thing to think but I believe it's unrealistic too.

  • It would be kinda a turn on, cause I've never kissed a girl before and I'm 20 lol. But if I had kissed a girl it still wouldn't be a turn off, it would be cute to help her and teach her how to kiss :)

  • My thoughts would be, "so I have a chance of being her first kiss? YES! ^.^


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  • Im 16 and have never kissed anyone but I don't see a real problem with it. Is there a problem with it? Every experience comes when its needed.