My ex partner of over 2 1/2 years kissed me

OK here are the details we was together for over five years and have a daughter together we broke up over 2 half year2 ago he now has a girl friend that he lives with the only relationship we have had is being parents to our daughter no sex or kissing or even flirting for old times sake etc he came round mine to she her I was down stairs in the kitchen as he came down to say by he held out his arms for a hug and as I held out one arm as you would only hug and ex he kissed me on my lips I pulled back in shock all I said was why and he put his fingers on my lips a shush me and then walk out the door WHY


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  • I almost kissed my ex a couple times after we broke up both times it seemed like an instinctive impulse that I caught myself right before I did it. once I even started leaning in. I had no emotional attachment and had no conscious desire to kiss her, it was really just auto-pilot. It may be the same case for your ex but it is possible there was another reason for him. if it is still on your mind in a couple weeks ask him.

    Oh yeah, one time I started to reach for an ex's boob when she raised her arm to scratch the back of her head. even though it would have been just a playful thing I think that would have been pretty embarrassing.


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  • It was a kiss on the lips with no tongue. It wasn't like he fondled you or anything. I'd just shrug it off as a fluke.

    • he couldnot get a tongue in because I didn't kiss him back I get what your saying but at the end of the day if my man kissed another girl on the lips I would see that as cheating some people even think flirting is

    • I hear Irish people kiss with no problems or expectations. But perhaps he isn't happy with his relationship. Sorry things didn't work out for you two but it is best to get out of a bad relationship than to drag kids through the mess.

      Each person's definition of cheating is different. Some would go as far as sex would constitute cheating but nothing prior to penetration. That's why it is better to find our what they think prior to dating.

    • thanks and yes its a pitty it didn't last but its for the best now my daughter has two parents that are both happy and have a good parenting relationship I could not ask for more of a better out come from us being apart

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  • He already had a girlfriend so don't think much of it, it was probably a spur of the moment thing