How old should someone be before they start dating?

When do you think it is appropriate to start dating? Like if you had kids when do you allow them to start dating? Also how old were you (if you have dated yet) when you first started dating?


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  • I'm 17 and haven't had a boyfriend yet. If/when I have kids, I wouldn't set an age for them to date cause I wouldn't want to put stress on them if they wanted to date before that age. Middle school relationships seem to be much more hurt than they're worth. I suppose once they reached high school I'd be more open to it. From my friends' experiences, freshmen and sophomore relationships are kinda trivial and filled with drama (sometimes is the case in your junior & senior year). But some friends are in long term committed relationships and they are extremely happy. I guess it all depends on the individual though.

  • my family's rule was at age 16 I think that's reasonable. I was 17 when I go my 1st date.