Should I be upset he doesn't want to talk to me because I DIDN'T sleep with him?

I don't understand what happened! We had a great first date but at the end he asked me to go over later at night, I absolutely refused! We talked the next day but after that he's just been cold towards me. I'm glad I didn't sleep with him if he's acting like he is now, but still I don't know if he's playing mind games, or why he won't talk to me. If he doesn't like me that's fine. However, do you guys get butt hurt if a girl doesn't sleep with you? what does that make you think both about you and her?


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  • Men want sex. It is natural. If you give it to him, he will reduce your being to an sexual object. After that, he very very hard to fall in love. Sexual experience is very strong. If he has this attitude, it does not mean that he is a bad man! It is just very strong. Its kind of a child. Every girl can handle that easily and will as mother. If he does not have his toy, he will throw himself on the ground and cry to get it. If you give it to him, he would be spoiled child and take you only as a person who gives him stuff. If you don't and still show him your love as much as you can, he will love you! In his mind you are now bed person. In his heart you are gaining high value. Don't worry about his mind. Heart is important! (and he thinks nothing more about himself because of that)

    All and all, don't worry about he being mad. It is that madness which will earn you his respect. And your love will earn you his trust.

    • =) that's so sweet! Thanks!


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  • personally I wouldn't be upset because its her personal decision for not having sex, but since he asked for it, then he risked looking desparate. Anyways he is ignoring you because he want you to feel bad and giv him another chance (but if you like the guy then make it clear that your not some ho, lol) is a big deal, take your time unless your OK with havin it on a first date...but if he is pressuring you like asking you "then when are we going to have sex" then I advice you to walk away...but that's what I think, hope it helped.

    • Thanks! I'll just act the same way I always do with him.. I like him but I'm not about to have sex just cause he's mad either.. I do understand sex is an important part of any relationship but were not in one so therefore I don't feel right having sex with him you know.. .. Thanks again!

    • no probs ;)

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  • He's probably embarassed about asking you then being rejected

  • He just wanted sex. Good thing you refused it.

    • At this point so am I.. =\ however disappointed I might be.