How long would you keep dating somebody that told you nothing about themselves?

I met this girl at a party two months ago (just talking not hooking up) and she kept calling and texting me after that and we've been on a few dates and hung out but she doesn't ever really tell me anything about herself. If I start asking about her she switches the subject back to me right away. All I know about her is she has a brother and a sister and what she's going to school for and that's it after about two months of talking and hanging out a few times.


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  • sounds like she has some issues, its up to you to see if you want to stick around to find out. You could always call her out on it and maybe she will tell you why she hasn't really told you anything about herself.


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  • That's way too long. Boooring! Move on :)


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  • You care about her cause you want to make things work but you have a problem with who she is. You can't change people, people have to realize that they're a certain way and change themselves. What better way to do that than to tell her what you don't like about her and dump her?

    Then again I'm in a similar situation, where a girl ONLY wants to talk about herself, and trying to talk about me is a no-no. So maybe I'm a hypocrite lol. I like her a lot :3

    • Well I like her personality when I'm with her but besides how she acts around me I don't really know who she is so I don't know if I have a problem or not lol.

    • Oh I see. If she's shifty about answering personal questions like past relationships and family.. that's fine in the beginning, she's trying to trust you enough to let you get close. But I would say after you two have gotten more intimate she should open up about things like that to you.

      But if she's shifty about answering things like what music she likes or whether she likes going to concerts (small talk stuff), that's just weird lol. I don't think she's doing that I couldn't imagine it.