What would you do if a girl kissed you suddenly?

I was with the guy I like, but I don't know if he likes me, so we were alone in a place and I took something outta his hair in a really flirty way and then we stared at each others eyes and I nearly kissed him, what would you have thought if you were the guy? what would have been your reaction? do you think it would have been a good idea? thanks :)


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  • If it was someone I liked, awesome. If it was a girl I'm not interested in, I'd go ahead and give a good kiss (because who wants a ruined kiss?), but I wouldn't make any move towards going further, and I would tell her I wasn't interested if she tried to take things further.

    • thanks this was really good :)


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  • I'd be shocked, and I'd go completely red, that said, if I liked the girl I'd probably try to recover quickly and return the kiss.

  • I'd be in utter shock and either happy or pissed about my first kiss if the girl is attractive or not.

    • well, he used to like me so I think I am attractive to him

      and thanks

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    • Lucky guy. You should have kissed him! :P

    • yh maybe I regret not doing it, and he too :P

      xD anyways I don't see that kiss so far away! lol

  • I would go "wtf?"

  • I might eat you or let it happen


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