Dating a younger guy??

i like this guy but he's two years younger than me/...he's really caring and treats me like I'm some treasure and he's really attractive and likes me A LOT...but sometimes I think it is wrong to date someone younger it's like you are corrupting them when you flirt., the way you flirt naturally...He's turning 18 this month and I'm turning 20 in you think it's bad if I say yes to him when he keeps asking me to be his gf? and be with this younger guy


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  • 'Corrupting' him? Don't be silly, he's old enough! :)

  • Come on, 2 years is nothing when it comes down to love. Now that you confessed that you like him, give him a chance. You two are both adults If you were 26 and he was 18 I would understand.


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