How often do girls like to be contacted by someone they like?

Think back to a time where you really liked someone, someone you crushed on for a while and then you finally started dating.

How often would you like him to call you, text you? I know she likes me a lot, but I don't want to throw myself at her, especially through a phone lol. What I do know is call her just to set up a date.. and then text her randomly throughout the week to let her know I'm thinking about her, maybe a good morning text or a funny text about something we've done. We see each other once a week because of our schedules.. though that's gonna change once we get more serious.

Once I ask her to be my girlfriend (and assuming she says yes), how often should we keep in contact? How often should I call/text her?


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  • You seem to know what you're doing, it seems.

    There's no set of rules. Some couples like to contact each other all the time, others, less. I expect you'll kind of "feel out" how much you should. In my humble opinion, you never want to be doing it ridiculously often, but staying in touch is important. I'd maybe call once or twice a week, depending how long you talk?

    Texting would be probably around the same frequency you're going at now.

    Don't worry too much, you sound savvy and like you've got it under control.


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  • I would talk to her at least once a day. At least if I were her I would, I like that kind of thing. I wish the guy I like now would do that :S But he probably doesn't care :(

    She's lucky to have you!

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  • you can tell by the message he sends yuo back if she wants to be contacted often or not. is she asking you a lot of questions you need to answer? then hell yea, she likes messaging with you. as far as I remember.. the Good mornign message and the Good night message are important and flattering!


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  • What you are doing now seems fine. Once you are "dating" you should probably call/text her more often (though that's something you will figure out when the time comes)