Ok I got her number. now what?

Ok so there's this girl that I like and I got her number so I think that she might be interested in me. The question that I have is: what should I do now? I see her a few times every day so how long should I wait before calling her?

Ok I have another question: Should I start texting her and then progress into calling her or should I just start calling her right of the bat and forget about texting?


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  • Yea call her but make sure you have something to say!

    • Splendid advice. I was getting ready to call her and then I read this. You defiantly saved me from unwanted awkwardness.

    • Sweet! I didn't think I helped much but I guess I did your welcome


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  • Call her instead of texting. Once you get comfortable talking to each other then text her to see how doing and when she is not available pick up the phone because she might be busy. Call her when you're miss her and wondering what she is doing. Also she makes her call you too not just you doing all the work. By having her calling you.you can tell if she likes you back. If she have no problem calling you back sometime then she definitely like you too.

  • I think you should call her


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