What does it mean if a guy kisses a girl on the cheek?

Right id met this guy through my next door neighbors party. And this guy who I met was really funny and we were constantly talking the whole night. And realized we have so much in common it was unbelievable lol. So then the next day I had a house party with my neighbors and him. It was a good night. Then before he left he said goodnight and kissed me on the cheek. But I've only just met this guy and he lives miles away. What did that mean when he kissed me on the cheek?


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  • From a personal standpoint, if I kiss a girl on the cheek it's because I genuinely like her. I do it as a means to be flirty w/o being too aggressive.

    A girl should be flattered when a guy kisses her on the cheek after knowing each other for a very short time. A guy that just wants sex & doesn't like you that much would be A LOT more aggressive than that. A kiss on the cheek is gentle & sweet, not rough & aggressive.

    This dude seems like a good dude. If you like him...make your interest known. :)

    • Cheers :) that's helped alot.


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  • It means he likes you and he's trying to show he's sweet rather than full blown making out with you, you should contact him or something, looks promising


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  • Does he has the same culture as you have? In my country, that situation that you described would be normal and common.