We are talking now after 3 weeks of no talk, he calls me when I finally texted him?

But its been 4 days and we barely talk, any more like we used to all the time. Yeah he has money problem and lives 45 minutes away from me. Today he finally got his old phone turned on, and he texted me saying my phone is turned on now. I texted him back but he didn't reply. I just feel like were getting distant from each other. And never sees each other. If he says he missed me and want to see me he won't come out and see me. But I love him.


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  • ...what's your question? There are two things that might be happening. 1. He doesn't like you. 2. He does like you and he doesn't know what to do...wait and see. If he continues to ignore you forget about him

    • why you say that 2 times.