Girls: If a guy you weren't into was texting you, would you respond?

If a guy you weren't into was texting you, would you respond keep responding over and over? Like would you hold a conversation with him?

Reason I ask, I got this girls number who knows I am interested in her. We just started texting a few hours ago, and in those few hours we have sent nearly 100 messages but she has made comments on how she normally goes for bad guys and how I am nice. I'm not exactly sure if that means she isn't into me or what, but she still keeps texting me/responding to my texts.

Ok so today I waited until later in the evening to text her since it was her birthday and she never responded. Wtf? I was so nice to this girl, we had a nice conversation now she ignores me? all I said was, "Hey Kim! how was your big day?" I don't get it.


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  • If I knew that the guy was interested in me, but I was not interested in him, I would probably respond, but I would keep my answers short, friendly, and non-encouraging.

    Her frequent responses are probably her way of getting to know what kind of person you are; she is most likely flattered by your attention and wants to find out if you two would be compatible. She may be flirting because she enjoys the attention she receives in return. This does not necessarily mean she is interested in pursuing a relationship, however; some girls just feel that receiving male attention helps them feel attractive and good about themselves, so they might encourage it to achieve that kind of feeling.

    Even so, she might have already been interested in someone else before you began texting her, and may be trying to decide whether she wants to get to know you better. As you indicated, you are "nicer" than the guys she normally goes for, so she may be unsure whether she wants to deviate from the kind of guys she has experience with.

    She may have texted you back because she was busy with her birthday plans and may have read your message with the intent of replying to it later, and then simply forgot. It's possible that she received quite a few birthday wishes and just hasn't gotten around to answering them. If you are still interested in her, I would wait a few days before texting her again. If she continues to be short with you or doesn't respond, then she is probably not interested in pursuing a relationship and does not want to lead you on.

    Just to put this out there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a "nice guy." I know it might seem like girls always go for the "bad guy," they often become unhappy in those relationships and they do not stay in them long term. "Bad boys" are typically not considered "marriage potential," but might seem fun and adventurous to casually date. Once this period of romantic/sexual exploration ends, a girl will most likely want to settle down with someone that she can trust and feels comfortable being around... in other words, while "nice guys" may not reap the rewards of dating/hooking up with lots of girls, they are the ones that end up with healthy, committed long term relationships after all is said and done. If a girl is too blind or immature to recognize the benefits of being with a "nice guy," then she is not worth your time and attention. Be patient and good things will come! :)


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  • Depends. Is she a nice girl?

    I know I'm a nice girl, and I ALWAYS text back. No matter if I'm dead tired and about to pass out, or in the middle of something, I text back.

    But if she isn't that kind of girl? Dude, she's into you. Congrats! :D

    • She is a pretty nice girl. She was actually in the middle of something (getting ready for her birthday part with the girls) and she was still responding over and over. I finally said, "I'll let you have fun with your friends but I'd love to talk to you tomorrow! Happy birthday!" that was last night and I'm testing her today to see if she will send the first message or not. haha

    • Nice! Especially since it was her birthday, that's a good sign.

    • Thanks but my test failed...she still hasn't messaged me today and its 5pm here. But it is actually today that's her birthday, last night was the party. I didn't want to feel like I was bothering her during her birthday by texting her.

  • Oh trust me, she is definitely into you. She wouldn't be texting you like that if she wasn't.

    If somebody I don't like texts me- I just don't respond or I say my phone died Lol.

    • Nice. Thank you for your response. I figured it seemed like she was interested, but I always have these doubts in my mind.

  • She's interested. It would be very easy to ignore a text. Most girls say they want a "bad guy" but in the end we all want someone who treats us right.

  • I always do o.o... it depends what type of girl.. but I always do no matte how tired.. try to put that person in your shoes like.. what if you never answered them and they committed suicide or something.. or just hurt themselves because they just needed someone to talk to.. I say be their for anyone and everyone when they need you or someone :p so it all depends lol xD


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  • Sounds like your in to me xD

    haha good luck man :)