Speed Dating, Ever tried it?

Is speed dating worth it? What's it like? I am curious. I have never heard of anyone conducting speed dating in my area but I am curious about it all.


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  • lol their has been some around. but its not as popular anymore to meet ppl. seems like people are using the social network to do that.

    there's also websites that do the speed dating online instead... never actually used it lol. I prefer the old fashion. hey wsup. your # deal :p

    up to u. gl


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  • lol I don't think so. I mean, you get a few minutes to decide if you like someone. seems pretty shallow to me, all you have to go by is their appearance and not much else. you don't really get to know someone

  • Just try to meet girls through friends. I dated one boy after another for about a year (one every other month/week) but I met most of them through friends. It's sort of like speed dating because it's like I am not sleeping with them just cuddling with them, one on each different night (like 6 guys in 1 week but on different nights) and also they all know about each other. Then I drop some and pick up some new ones and so on and so forth. I did this just to get to know people, ofcourse we go on regular dates like lunch/dinner and movie and parks and canoeing/kayaking too but the main thing is to just relax and get intimate without really putting a relationship label to it for a bit. Well anyways... I'm married now because the dating game gets boring and after meeting a lot of guys I finally learn what I really want in a guy. So yeah it works. Just good luck on hopefully meeting some cool people and becoming friends with them. Out of all the guys I speed dated I am only friends with a few hand full. A lot of them were disasters but they helped me realize what I didn't want in a guy, so I appreciate a lot more of what I do want. again good luck


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  • It's alright; generally it's a great way of meeting people quickly and seeing if there's any chemistry there.

    But make sure you don't do real speed dating, or else you'll wind up dating a whole bunch of meth addicts.