Are these bad signs?

his guy I know likes me, we have been friends since high school.. and he brings me roses, says he would marry me and we have gone on a few dates. But he keeps saying with everything I do like how I don't like to get drunk is because I am girl.. that all girls are for are for looking pretty in the restaurant ( I was looking for work) and that just how the way things are with girls. he also assumed I got my smart sever cheaper cause I'm a girl. but I did it online. I told him off about it once saying it was condescending. but I mean should I even be pissed about it. it does bother me

he asks me if I like any others guy, asks if I am planning on having kids soon. I'm 20.

Are these bad signs? cause I think he only sees me as an object now since he thinks that way about women. He never made these comments before when I was in high school. and when I wanted him to say hi to my friends for me cause I was away .. he said no cause because "your mine"


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  • He seems like a creep. Something isn't right in his head. I could understand if he was just being funny/sarcastic but if he is serious than something is wrong with him.

    • no he was serious and trying to prove a point when I mentioned that some restaurants like people who are experienced and then he went on a rant about how all you need to do is look pretty. cause that's how things are.


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  • This guy is a tad bit creepy with that last thing you said. But he was probably just joking around about the sexist remarks. but seriously, the guy sounds really frickin weird and insecure.

    • he wasn't kidding, he got all defensive saying that just how things are. and was trying to a prove a point like everything is was saying was right. yeah I don't know this has come up twice.

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    • As I asked the girl below, do you mean like he thinks I'm easy or I'm a just a girl to him. I know he has liked me for years and it only recently I've started to go out with him. Do you mean he thinks I'm a joke then?

    • since you started off as friends then he doesn't see you as a serious relationship

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  • YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS those are bad signs . It shws he doesn't take you seriously and is a machista and that means he thinks men are better than women and that he is getten too seriuos tooo fast

    • does he think I'm easy then?

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    • yeah I was worried about that.. like he talks down to me like that cause.. there no one else better than him for me? like that what he thinks most likely?

    • Well I hope this helped