He kissed me but can't date me?

What's your take on his behavior that night? This guy and I have been dating for a little while but after things got too serious and real, he kinda backed off. I ran into him the other night while out with friends and he was acting really weird. He could barely look me in the eye or even crack a smile. We just made small talk. But I got him to the dance floor and things were going better. He started to kiss me and it was going well and then he just stopped. I asked if he even liked me and he said he did, but he can't start anything long-term. He has to marry another Indian. (I'm Arab) He said he doesn't want to disappoint his parents. I felt really hurt and next thing I know he was leaving with his friends.


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  • =[ Awh I'm sorry. Some people are really whack into cultural traditions and stuff, I don't think there's anything you can do. I think he resolved it alright, maybe could have been more honest about it from the start but you know... You can imagine how difficult that is for a person.

  • ouch. that's sh*tty.


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