After an argument, he hasn't responded to calls or texts?

We're not 'dating' but have been essentially together for 4 years. I am finishing grad school in another state and have (had) every intention of moving back once finished, however, we got into an argument on Sunday where there was some yelling and I told him he was acting like an a-hole. That didn't go over well. I gave him a day or so to calm down, but he hasn't responded to my phone call or texts since then. I truly think we were both at fault but he's pretty stubborn and not eager to admit fault. Any suggestions?


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  • You can't blame us guys also as to what we see also in you being stubborn and all, but just to be on the fair said of things give him time to think things over..probably at least a week or 2..but if you contact him the second time around never make followups anymore..your done doing your part and all let him come around on his own


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  • you already texted and called. it's his turn now. stop texting him