What is this guy's problem? I need advice!

So I've been talking to this guy for about a month now, we hang out like all the time and text throughout the day and he'll call me and such. We are (we were?) practically dating he said. He said that he would never hurt me, and I told him the same. He says I'm turning into his dream girl, aww! Anyways, it's been sort of different lately. He doesn't text me much, we hung out twice in the past 6 days including today when we would usually hang out like 6 out of 7 days! On Saturday I tried inviting him to dinner with a friend of mine and him, he said no. And that was about the only conversation we had that whole day. On Sunday he was his usual self and texted me and called me, but we didn't hang out because he got home too late from surfing. On Monday he invited me over to his house and we hung out. It was fun, we were goofing around, kissed you know silly stuff. But my mom texted be around 11 telling me I had to come home and we had an argument because I told her I was coming home at 11:30. So she put me in a bad mood, and then she texted him telling him that I need to come home..I never gave her his number. I grabbed his phone and explained what was going on. He said something like "She doesn't even know me" and I agreed and then he goes "Obviously you don't know me either". And I said "What's that supposed to mean?" He never answered. I eventually left, kissed him goodnight and texted him when I got home. Then on Tuesday morning I sent him a text "Morning sunshine :) I just wanna apologize for ending the night on a crappy note. It's just my mom pisses me off sometimes. Anyways have a good day. Text or call me later on". No response all day. Cool. So today, no text from him. So after school I sent him a text "Heyy" He says "Hi". I said "What's going on". He said "Nothing." I said "Oh, everything okay?" He said "Sure". I said "K." and that was it. I'm just really confused onto what is going on, should I call him later on, or wait for him to text/call me? I really like him, and I'm pretty sure that he still likes me, you can't get over someone that fast and he doesn't talk to many girls, only guys he surfs with. I just need advice, my head is going bonkers.


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  • i think you should call him. he will have to say more than in a text. I don't think you should expect to see him six out of seven days this early in the relationship, but I do think that communicating at length everyday or asmost everyday is important.


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  • I think you should give him a call, or ask to meet him, rather than text. Maybe something from that night is bothering him, could it be he thinks your mum doesn't like/trust him? It's best you talk it out, it does sounds like he likes you and you guys obviously get on well so that can't be the issue, so once he tells you what's wrong then you can resolve it together.

    You might need to talk to your mum as well, texting him was very uncool. Don't fight with her, she is your mum after all, but explain that you deserve to be treated as an adult, so protecting your bountries. Agree a time to be home before you go out and promise that you'll be in then, but that it isn't fair of her to demand you come home earlier than that (unless there was a really good reason).

    Hopefully all will work out well :)