Would you kiss someone at first site?

I want too know what ladies think of the idea of making out with a man you have literally just met. Not just any man, a man that you are blatantly attracted too at first site, and there is obvious chemistry.

I've actually have done this on a few occasion. Are ladies open too this? Do you think you could see this happening too you?


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  • yes! haha


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  • it happened to me. and before that I'd never even kissed anyone... only did it because I felt some kind of connection with him

  • If he took control and just started kissing me and I was attracted to him then hell yes.

  • Ive done this on plenty of occassions, especially if I'm out in the city and there's so many hottties around. Its a great ice breaker lol : -)

    • Haha me too, gosh it may have been me (;

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    • haha I was joking about it being me, that be crazy though! I am from NJ but I got to NYC a lot. last time I did hook up with this cute blond named Sara I think? the bar was off Macdougal but I don't remember the exact name (;

    • haha...well too bad that's not me, but maybe somewhere along your travels you two will meet again ? I always love fairy tale endings :-) loll

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