How to get a guy to kiss you...?

Need the guys insight here, went on a first date with a very sweet SHY guy. I really like him, but he did not go for a kiss at the end of the date, now that we are going on date #2 I need some ideas on how to make this kiss happen. What can I do to make him comfortable enough to make the first move? Any body language/signals or any other advice is a appreciated. This is a first for me :)


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  • Why does he have to make the first move? Take matters into your own hands and run with it!

    • Would that not scare a shy/sensitve type off?

    • Well, I wouldn't be quite as blunt as I put it. Maybe hint at it in conversation?


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  • I used to be really shy. My girlfriends always had to make the first move. I always wanted to do something, but I was afraid that they might get offended or something. He probably really wants to kiss you, but he's worried that he'll do it at a wrong time, that you might think it's too early, doesn't know how to approach you, etc. Take the initiative. At the end of the date, just hold his hand and look into his eyes. If he's really shy, you could just straight out ask him if you could kiss him.


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  • Hug him at the end of the date and either look him right in the eyes, lean in, part your lips a a bit and see what happens, or you could act like you're going for the cheek kiss and the sort of accidentally hit the lips instead. Or you could hug, rub your cheek on his, pull your face back, look into his eyes and see what happens. You could also hug and touch foreheads if you're about the same height.

    Or, if you want, you could joke and ask him how long he's going to wait to kiss you or something similar.
    Good luck!