We are in the "dating process"....What?

What does dating process me?If me and this guy are CLOSE and like each other then how do I interpret him saying "we are in the dating process. getting to kno each other". I'm new at this dating guys thing help me out.


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  • It means he thinks none of you are ready to make a commitment, such as kissing, sexual activities, revealing intimate secrets, holding hands in publc, revealing yourself to friends and family and so on.

    It's not meant to be negative, it's just meant as a way for him to tell you that, like he said, you are still getting to know each other. All he means is he's not ready to advance to any further steps and would like a little more time to let his feelings build up, and his thoughts about you. The longer something goes on, normally the bigger and larger his feelings will get for you. He's not using you as a date and keeping you at bay by telling you that you are just dating friends, so don't worry if that thought crossed your mind.

    Once he feels he knows you better, like a closer friend, not just a close friend, I think you'll find he'll open up to you more.

    Sometimes because people don't 'evolve' in relationships as quick as each other doesn't mean they aren't a decent match. Good luck with yours, and I hope it brings you happiness. :)


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  • He just means that you guys are just starting out and that dating is a process. He wasn't making a comment on it or anything. You get to know each other and spend more and more time together and see where the relationship goes. That's all.


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  • He means that it's still new. You're dating, having fun, learning about each other, but it's not serious yet. He may or may not be seeing other women as well. Basically, don't get too attached yet. Just have a good time and let things progress naturally. Also, never assume you're his girlfriend until you hear him say it or had a discussion about it.

    • so when some one else asks me " are you single?" what do I say?

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    • ok, thanks. because I was very confused

    • No problem =) The early stages are very confusing. But it's always best to err on the side of less serious until you're actually in a relationship. Otherwise you risk being hurt or feeling resentful.

  • I think it means you guys will be in a relationship soon, if you keep on doing whatever you're doing