Matchmaking? Do people still do this?

To make a long story short, I've been having troubles meeting girls. Not sure why. I've dated before, but it seems all my recent efforts are futile. It's really dwindled my confidence.

My coworker is a close friend. I really enjoy hanging out with his family. He and his wife have secretly been searching for a girl for me to date. I showed up to work one day and he gave me a number to call, saying that a girl was waiting. So I called her, and had a short but fun conversation. I consequently arranged a date with her for next week.

Is this weird? I feel like I'm going on a blind date. I know close to nothing about this girl. I don't even know what she looks like. But she apparently already knows everything about me. Is this even a valid way to meet people? Any thoughts on this?


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  • People have been doing that for centuries, setting people up on dates. If you have a hard time meeting ladies, this can be a way to meet new people, and hopefully find one to date. But the bottom line is, you don't have to like her. If you don't feel any chemistry between you two, then you don't ever have to meet up with her again.

    Maybe try online dating too if you feel you want to know a bit about the person before you meet them. I know it sounds silly, but a lot of people are doing that now too. It's hard now a days to meet people, and I think online dating would be a good option for you if you want to kind of feel out someone before you make a decision to meet up with them.

    As for your friend, ask him about this girl, see if you can find out some information about her. If she already knows a bunch about you, it's probably because they have told her. So it's only fair that you can ask about her as well. Just have fun on the date, if it works then great! If not, then you at least got out of the house for a night. Keep working on finding a girl, she is out there!

    • Good idea. We sit right next to one another and we're not going out until next week. Knowledge is power!


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  • If the date sucks, you never have to see her again.

    And if its awesome... well you know!

    So just go, and have a good time!

  • I'd think that be kind of fun, honestly. Your friend wouldn't purposefully set you up with someone he thinks you wouldn't like, so give it a go. The results might surprise you (and it'd be an awesome story to tell your kids, if applicable, later) :)

    • Thank you. I'm kinda nervous. I never approached a date in this way before.

    • Don't be :) If anything, it'll give you guys more to talk about.

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  • This is terrible. You should live entirely in a vacuum and in no way should your friends ever help you find a date.

    Alternately, trust your friends, go on any date you can get and have fun. When your kids ask you how you met, I hardly think it'll be embarrassing to say "Our friends introduced us."

  • Uh, you ARE going on a blind date.

    But I guess it is as valid as any other method. Good luck with it.

  • It is as valid as you believe it to be. Why do you have to worry about what other people think? If it works out, awesome... if not, you have nothing to lose just enjoy it :)