Reasons why she wouldn't text back?

I've been on two dates with this girl, things went well on both dates! We held hands, cuddled, and were getting along just fine.

Haven't seen her in two weeks, she left town for a week, and just as she got back I left for my holiday. We barely talked while she was gone, I let her be because she was enjoying herself on vacation so I texted once in a while and let her have fun. The same thing with my vacation, I texted every once in a while but we kept it short.

I texted her today, and she didn't respond at all. That's the first time since I met her that she has ever done that to me. I texted her a simple "hey :)"

It's bugging me a lot because since we haven't seen each other in so long, and we haven't talked much... it just feels like her blatantly ignoring me one of the few times I do contact her is a slap to the face. Because I don't contact her much as it is since we've been on vacation, and she ignored my text today I don't know if that means I should back off or step it up by calling her instead of texting her..

Things went so well on the dates, and now that we haven't seen each other in a while it seems like we're drifting apart.

Should I just let her be until I get back, and then call her? I can't wait for her to contact me because she most definitely wont, she's never contacted me first since I've met her.

What are some reasons she didn't respond and what should I do?


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  • In my opinion, "hey:)" is not something that's asking for a response. I'd reply if I had free time, but if I didn't at that moment, I won't write back and probably forget to do so if there's no follow up message like, "how's it going" or "what's up" I wouldn't read in too much...just send her another text with more content and see if she still doesn't reply or not.

    • I suppose you're right. I'll give her a day of space (tomorrow I won't text), and the next day I'll send her something interesting. It just feels like at the point we are at, if I sent her a text saying "hi" she would like me enough to respond back, I know I would. Oh well.

      A specific question for you, if a girl doesn't initiate any texts or calls ever, how often should I be contacting her? I feel like I can only contact her everyday if she steps it up. For now I keep it at every other day.

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    • Yea she has 18 hours a week of school, her school is an hour away from where she lives. She also has a part time job. She keeps busy, but I don't think that excuses her from never calling or texting me first, she's always played hard to get from the start.

      I just thought we were past playing hard to get and all that after our second date. I mean we held hands in public and walked around. Yet she still doesn't contact me first, and now she doesn't even reply to my text. I text every 2 days or so

    • Actually, her being busy could be the reason. You two are just dating (as in not a full-blown bf-gf relationship) so it's less serious. I've done that - not initiating contact at all - when I was busy. So it could be that, or as much as you won't like this, she's not really into you. Altho you said you guys held hands and all so I'm not sure. Stop texting/contacting her and see if she contacts you. If she really wants to get together, she will call eventually, and if she doesn't, time to move on


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  • Personally I never initiate contact unless I want something important. I just like to be texted first :)

  • no offence, but I wouldn't answer "hey :)" either. what is she meant to say back? 'Hey: /" ? you need to sk her a question of you want her to give you an answer.


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  • part of this is what is happening to my girlfriend and i, she lives 3hrs away and it's been 2 weeks, and sometimes she would reply with "sorry my phone went flat" or sorry I fell asleep. all I could say if yous ever had a small fight, just let her be, girls like to think. she will think something like if I didn't have him this and that wouldn't happen etc. but don't keep bringing up, "why you not txting back" because her feelings will die. sounds harsh I know, but in my relationships I always take feelings before anything else.. because if the girl doesn't feel comfortable, then yeah. :)

  • Do you know where she is at in her menstrual cycle? Some girls just want to be left alone at that time of the month.