From Slow to Fast... Why?

So I've been going out with my girlfriend for 1 month and already she told she loves me, has invited me to meet her parents and to a communion where I will meet more of her family. My question is would there be a reason why she would have all these feeling and do all these things so quickly, especially when we dated she wanted to take things slow? I would especially like to hear from woman in regards to this question.


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  • I had the same experience with I guy I dated. His history with women told me he had only fell head over heels into infatuation before me. I progressed at my own pace. He was hurt at times, but you always go at your own pace. Never let someone set it for you, but at the same time be completely honest with each other. I found out later he had suffered a lot of loss in his teenage years. The death of his brother. His first love building up his confidence then dropping him hard. She could be accustomed to wanting attachment. But if you really like her, and want to keep her. Get to know her and take your time.

  • i think she is just excited about you and her! she may have intended on taking things slow, but then she fell in love with you! if it doesn't bother you, just go with it. if you want to take things slower, just talk to her.


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