Why doesn't he text me first? Does he not like me anymore?

He texted me first once this week, then the next two days he never texted me. We also talked at school before our second block class then he didn't talk or text me so I took it as if he was ignoring me..? Am I right or is he scared to talk to me?


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  • He is probably playing hard to get..this happened to me when I was in high school..one minute he'd talk to me, then the next..he wouldn't..guys are weird lol...I finally learned to play hard to get right back at him..I wouldn't text him first..and I wouldn't be so available when he wanted to hang out..from what I have learned through experience, is that guys love to do the chasing (usually, unless they are extremely shy). Meaning, that if they are chasing you (texting you first, calling you first) then they will not fell pressured and will be able to make decisions on whether they like you on their own time..They do not like it when a girl acts interested right away either..they suddenly think "why is she so interested?" "what's wrong with her?" blah blah blah...I dislike it..but hey...they are guys. Hope that helps. Good luck. :-)

    P.S- It is okay to do the texting or calling every once in a while..but not the majority of the time..and if he doesn't text you back, do not text him again, until he replies to your first text message.

    • I agree with the P.S on this comment :)

    • thanks for your support ;-) it is a shame that guys are like this no? Men=cant live with them, can't live without them..haha


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  • He might.

  • Probably, but don't base a conclusion just on that.


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