I've never gone past the first date, what am I doing wrong?

I hardly ever get a date with anyone.

and when I am lucky enough to go on one nothing happens.

we've gone to the cinema, had a decent time,

then he'll never make any effort to contact me ever again.

what am I doing wrong?


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  • I would say you're not doing anything wrong. I agree with some of the comments here, the movies is a bad choice for a date. You want to go somewhere you can have fun, dinner is more of a second or third date activity.

    You're still very young, and I'll bet you're sick of hearing that. What you are doing now and the guys you are meeting now is all just training for when you do meet Mr Right. By the time you're ready to settle down you will have been out with so many guys and become so good at attracting and keeping them that you'll be bored with dating.


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  • Do not know. Do you have a good male friend? Ask him to have pseudo-date with you. Reconstruct it. Do everything like on date except intimacy things. And ask him what felt great and what did not.

  • In my opinion ... don't go to the movies ... you can't really get to know some one there. Go to dinner ... you can talk there ... that's the way it should be. If he asks lets go to the movies ... step up and say how about dinner instead ... most likely he won't say no ... if he does, he's cheap and you can do better. but make sure its a sit down restaurant . If he says sure lets go to burger king ... better to be single.

    plus your young give it time ...


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  • You're not doing anything wrong! You can't go through life expecting that guys will fall at your feet all of the time. Don't blame yourself, it's one of the worst things you could do! You're still young and there are so many guys out there, so you're bound to find one, you just have to be patient.

    You don't need a guy to complete you.

    I have never been on a date ONCE! So at least your one step ahead of me :D